What’s preventing you from becoming a 7-figure entrepreneur?

Have you had enough of failing to achieve your income goals in your purpose-driven business, despite working really hard? Are you having trouble charging what you are worth and can’t seem to break free from that cycle? I’ve been there. You need to rewire your thinking. Take my quiz now to find out which of the three 7-figure money mindset blocks is keeping YOU from achieving your dreams.

We all have faulty wiring when it comes to our relationship with money, which affects how we run our businesses. I did, and most likely so do you. But it isn’t your fault. You were taught thought programs from your family, society, friends, and school. These programs created massive mindset blocks that are keeping your from achieving your money goals. These mindset blocks can manifest in the following ways:

  • You are self-sabotaging yourself in the area of finances and wealth.
  • You don’t follow through on your business goals because deep inside you don’t think success is possible for you.
  • You so often lose momentum, after initial excitement with a new idea or project.
  • You play small and don’t truly put yourself out there.
  • You don’t even make another promise to yourself, because you feel there is no point.
  • You feel constantly frustrated and angry with yourself that you aren’t seeing results in your business despite working hard.

The ways in which our money blocks keep us from achieving our dreams and living the life we want to live are endless. As a result of not stepping into our full financial potential, we feel:

  • disappointed in ourselves and frustrated
  • unhappy, low mood, sad, irritated
  • restless, yet also have trouble sleeping
  • tired and fatigued
  • detached
  • unmotivated
  • unlike ourselves, like something is missing
  • helpless, trapped, defeated
  • wanting to isolate from others, withdraw
  • anxiety, anxious thoughts
  • procrastination
  • decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment
  • using food, drugs or alcohol to cope

These are just some of the myriad of ways that your money blocks can affect your life.

After years of repeating these patterns, we experience burnout and exhaustion with life and business, like we are running on a hamster wheel and can’t get off. The blocks that are keeping us financially stuck affect every other area of our lives, too. And the only way we can truly make change in this world is to be fully supported in wealth and abundance. You can make a choice to stop the cycle. It starts with awareness and a decision.


You can’t make millions and keep millions without the right mindset. This is the only way to stop the financial self-sabotage.

When you uplevel your income goals, you need to uplevel your money mindset and get rid of the money blocks. Otherwise, you will be stuck in destructive thought loops that prevent you from experiencing expansion in your life, both financial and otherwise.

Make sure that your worst enemy isn’t living inside your head and that your thoughts and actions are aligned with your future self.

I know it’s tiring to constantly be taking steps away from the life you want to live and not understand why. But I promise you, that change is possible and it starts with you just raising your hand and stepping forward. All you need is just 15 seconds of courage. I know you want to fully step into your power and worth because that is how you can truly create change in the world. By claiming what’s yours, you can become the highest expression of yourself.

Fifteen years ago, I went from making six figures to earning $4 million in one year. But before this happened, I had been experiencing a lot of worry and fear around finances and felt super stuck. When I finally figured out how to reprogram my brain and improve my mindset, my whole life completely changed. THE FIRST STEP WAS FIGURING OUT WHAT TYPE OF BLOCKS I HAD. To get access to my free quiz to find out what mindset you currently have that’s preventing you from a 7-figure year, take my quiz.

I have developed a completely unique protocol to rewire your brain to that of a 7-figure entrepreneur!

I can help you build your 7-figure heart-led business, through a unique combination of hypnotherapy, intuitive coaching tools, holistic lifestyle protocols, and business acumen. I will support you in making massive mindset shifts and we will hone in on what makes your business great, so you can stand out. In addition to finally being able to achieve your financial goals, you will rediscover your vibrance, start to live in full integrity, feel heart-aligned, purposeful, and balanced and it all starts with eradicating your MONEY BLOCKS, so you can achieve your goals and dreams. My 8-week coaching container has been tried and tested not only on myself, but also many others. It produces RESULTS FAST because we get to the heart of the problem, to the root cause of your self-sabotage around money. I take you through a tailor-made coaching experience to ensure that you come out of the program with a completely new mindset and financial outlook, renewed clarity, and an action plan.

I know where you are coming from, because I have been down that road…

Now a money & business mindset coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and a hypnotherapist, I have been an entrepreneur for several decades and founded and/or grew several 7 and 8 figure companies. I also have extensive experience as a television journalist and presenter, in addition to hosting my own podcast called “The Erika Oley Show” (formerly the “Surthrival Diaries” podcast) where we discuss career and business success, healing from burnout and self-sabotage, holistic mind-body-soul modalities and abundance and energy work.

You are capable of massive transformation. It is your natural inclination. I can help you reconnect with your purpose and natural abundance, so you can finally fully embody the millionaire mindset and way of being.

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